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Maybe I'll actually use this thing

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Well, I've been considering actually using my LJ as more than simply a means to post in communities, and figured I might as well give it a shot. (Also, its my 21st Birthday so I'm just in a sharing mood in general) I've never been a journelor but I'm almost out of college and I think blogging or journaling would be a really good way to keep in touch with family and friends when I'm off on my own somewhere.  I guess I see it as the kind of thing where you can write about everything going on without having to do it a bunch of times in email form.  So I guess this can be a practice run to see if it's even feasible for me to regularize a journal. 

I guess this can be an introduction post of sorts.  I'm a BFA painting major at Indiana University but honestly I'm not sure it was the best decision for me to join the program. I simply don't enjoy painting enough to do it all the time, that being said, at least I know that before I rushed off to become a gallery painter. Ugh, I think I would die. ahah!  My plans for life have changed over the past year and it was a very scary transition.  I've settled into what I hope will be my new future in the animal rescue scene even if my parents are still getting used to the idea.  My dream job is to work for Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab Utah, and I'm going to shoot for it.  I want it crazy bad and I'm going to work hard to get there.  If you don't know of it you should check it out, it will either inspire you, or change your mind all together on what you thought animal rescue looked like, or should look like.  Perhaps both.

I'm working at a doggy day care in my hometown and I walk shelter dogs in my free time. I love both.

Also...I love TV. No thanks to one of my best friends. :) I adore Chuck to itty bitty pieces, and I've recently started watching Fringe. I also keep up with Bones.

Anyway I suppose thats enough for one post. I'm probably going to talk a lot about dogs, my philosophy on life, oh I don't know. Hopefully my next post won't be in like...6 months but who can tell?

P.S. I didn't spell check or grammer check this so I'm sure its run on sentance central. Judge me if you must. ;)
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On May 10th, 2010 07:30 pm (UTC), chatty_natty commented:
Happy Birthday! I too only made an LJ account to view other people's work and check out communities, so I admire your willingness to try to blog. Good luck with it! :)
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On May 11th, 2010 02:00 pm (UTC), fiddledeedee3 replied:
Thank you! I hope I'm actually successful but we will see! :)
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