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 So.... I am a not remotely recovered makeup-aholic.  My parents made the very generous mistake of giving me an empty MAC cosmetics palette for my birthday yesterday with some money to fill it with the colors of my choice.  Uh Oh is right.  My mom and I (she suffers from the same condition as I do...wonder where I got it?) went to their store today and picked out some colors for ourselves.  Which was ridiculously fun.  I'v always thought it was kindov a crime that most women will only wear browns and tans for eyeshadow, when for many of them it is far from flattering for their eyes and skin.  Color does not have to mean crazy, and even crazy can be tasteful!  I think all of the beautiful colors neatly packed in little spheres of fun is half the appeal for my mom and I who are both painters. Basically I'm pumped about my new bright colors to paint on the canvas that is also known as my face.  ;)
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